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H2O Audio

I was reading my Paddling.net newsletter and saw a product that would be a great one for the Wired Kayaker to use when I go on my next paddle. Mind you, I have never listened to music on my iPod while on the water. Probably because I was afraid I would drop it into the drink. I’ve done it before with my sunglasses from time to time. Nope. I want to keep my podcasts (the ones I watch, not the ones I make) high and dry.

H2O Audio has many products that would solve the problem of getting my tech wet. They make waterproof containers for iPods as well as waterproof headphones. They both sound like great products and whats even better is the variety of options that H2O Audio has. With there being many different types of iPods in many shapes and sizes you’d think that no company would make all the housings for each one yet. Wrong. H2O audio has the housings for each of the different iPods from years back and those that are on the market today.

I’m thinking that if you wanted to take the Wired Kayaker, on the water Podcast with you then you might want the equipment to help you do that. Does anyone own one of these products? Do you like them? Let me know.