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Rock of Ages for my Birthday

With Allison at Rock of Ages
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00097

Today was a great day! Allison and I drove down to Foxwoods Casino to meet up with my sisters and their husbands because we were seeing Rock of Ages! Allison and I saw the show in Boston and after it was over I immediately wanted to see it again and I thought that it would be a great show to take my sister’s to see because the music that was part of the show was the music of our childhood. My sister was a die-hard Poison fan and she even has her original jean jacket and pins for the band plus a tour shirt from 1989 and her ticket stub from her second show. So this was a perfect show for her. We bought tickets for my sisters and their husbands to go and see the show on the weekend before my 45th birthday. So we combined Christmas and birthday all into one. It made for a great time.

When we arrived we caught up with Tara and Erik. We got into our room to have some downtime and then met back up with them to have dinner at Cedars. We hung out in the lounge and met up with Shelby and Tim. Cedars is a really nice steakhouse and they had excellent food. I got the braised Short Ribs and Allison the Filet. We ate our fill and made it just in time for the opening of the show. Dinner was filled with great conversation and fun. I enjoyed it so much. Continue reading Rock of Ages for my Birthday

Two Amazing Transformers Sets at SDCC

At San Diego Comic-Con this year, Hasbro has two crazy-incredible Transformers sets that will be SDCC Exclusives. There will be a Dinobots set using the molds from the current movie but the colors from the G1 characters. There will also be one of the most unique and interesting sets ever called the Knights of Unicron that depicts Optimus Prime as the lead singer of an 80’s hair band that also includes Megatron, Soundwave and Jazz. The band is on the “Till All Are One” Tour. There is even a tour booklet and a the set comes in a Roadie case with stickers and tour posters. Below I have photos of all the toys in both vehicle/dinosaur mode and robot mode plus a couple extra goodies.

SDCC Dinobots
SDCC Dinobots

Hasbro SDCC 2014_30th Ann Tour Edition_on stage
Hasbro-SDCC-2014 30th Anniversary Tour Edition Knights of Unicron On Stage

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