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Day 2 Recap of Dad 2.0 Summit 2017 – #Dad2Summit

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During my Second Day at Dad 2.0 2017 I spent a lot of time talking. I started off with some breakfast and then headed to the opening keynote. After that I was walking around the marketplace and was asked if I wanted to take a test drive in a Kia Niro. The car was loaded up with cameras of all sorts plus a cameraman in the front passenger seat and an interviewer in the back seat. She asked me questions as I drove around La Jolla a bit. I enjoyed driving the car and had a fun time with the question and answer. I do love what Kia brings to the conference each year and doing the drive was so much fun.

I then went through the marketplace for a while and talked with a bunch of the sponsors. I was interviewed by Hero Clean, a new cleaning product service for men. They have a really nice product and message. I enjoyed talking with them and had a fun time doing the interview.

Much of the afternoon was a whirlwind. I went from sponsor to sponsor, session to session. At 3:00 I went to the Dove Men +Care Suite and got a haircut and goatee trim. The goatee trim was minimal but the haircut was as close to shaved as I could get it without actually shaving my head. One day I will go all the way, but not today.

After that I was interviewed by Josh Temple of HGTV, who was at the Rheem booth. It was a fun interview and I’ll have that to post soon.

In the later afternoon I talked to a few of the other dads who produce videos. We’re part of a Facebook group and I wanted to do a quick spotlight with them, just a small thing. You can find all of them in the video below. There are links out to all their channels.

Tonight was a special trip, thanks to General Mills Cereals, to Ballast Point Brewing company. We had an excellent dinner and then a tour of the brewery. They have some major brewing facilities. I did have their lager and enjoyed it very much. Desserts were Cereal Inspired desserts including a Cheerios and Trix Marshmallow bar and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chocolate Truffles. Both were very good. Look for me to do more about General Mills closer to #NationalCerealDay, March 7th.

It was another nice day at Dad 2.0.

All Smiles with New Haircuts

Photo-A-Day #3589

I am going bald. I know it and anyone who looks at my head knows it. I have been wearing my hair fairly short for a while now but when it gets long, you can really see the baldness setting it. So, I decided to go super short this time around. I figure that eventually it is going to be pretty shiny up top there and I should get used to it.

It was also time for Andrew to get a haircut. He’s a lucky kid because he’s going to have really good thick hair for his lifetime. He was pretty good for his haircut but was more fidgety this time around. I don’t think he enjoys it as much as he used to. I think he’s figured out that he doesn’t like sitting still for that long.

Tonight I recorded another episode of Dad.Fm with Adam and Jeff. I think that we have exhausted the topic of Skylanders for our listeners. We’ll be switching up the format soon and that will be interesting for more short discussions.