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DreamWorks HOME Adventures with Tip & Oh arrives exclusively on Netflix July 29!

HOME Adventures with Tip and Oh on Netflix

Back a couple of months ago I had the unique privilege of traveling to California and touring DreamWorks Animation Studios on behalf of Netflix to preview the first episode of HOME Adventures with Tip & Oh. I am a member of the Netflix StreamTeam and as such receive various compensations for review and promotion of Netflix shows. Opinions are 100% my own.

While I was there I got to preview two upcoming DreamWorks show that would appear on Netflix. We’ve already seen Voltron debut on Netflix in June and the second show is coming July 29th. That show is HOME Adventures with Tip & Oh. This show is what happens after the movie HOME. The Boov now live on Earth and are adjusting to life with humans. Some Boov live among the humans and some up on their spaceship. Int he show we meet all sorts of Boov but we focus on Tip & Oh through the show.

HOME Adventures with Tip and Oh on Netflix

I was able to meet a bunch of people involved in the show including Rachel Crow, who plays Tip. She is a phenomenal singer which is great since there is a lot of music in the show. We had an interview with Rachel in the recording studio where we did voice overs for Voltron. With Rachel we did a funny exercise routine to music from the show.

I also got to meet the hilarious Ron Funches. I love his comedy and he plays a Boov named Sharzod who is a funny scene stealer. The character is wacky and loud, something that Funches is not. He’s soft spoken and funny, not over the top like Sharzod. We had a fun time and got to see the first episode of the show.

what you will notice is that the show is in 2D not a more CGI 3D look like the movie. You may also notice a lot of different textures and colors. They explained to us that they modeled the show’s look after some famous children’s book artists. I cannot remember their names but they used textures in their artwork. The show has that same sort of feel. Take a look at the trailer and be sure to tune in on July 29th when season one debuts.

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