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Be Kind to Animals Week


This week is the American Humane Association’s Be Kind to Animals Week® which runs from May 3-9. Being kind to animals not only means treating them nicely when they are in your home, but making sure that they are safe outside the home. You can visit the Home Again Web Site to get proper permanent identification for your pet. This identification cannot fall off or become impossible to read, and while you do this HomeAgain will donate to the care of shelter animals.

HomeAgain will help support the American Humane Association by donating $1 to bringpetshome.com for every pet that is registered to the program from May 3-9. If you don’t get a chance to enroll your pet you can always go to bringpetshome.com directly because it is a a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. This site has a large collection of many popular retailers. A portion from each of the purchases that you make through this web site will go to animal shelters for food and medical care. The site has regular retail prices so there are no additional costs to site visitors.

To protect your pet if they get lost it is beneficial to work with a pet recovery service like HomeAgain. HomeAgain is a comprehensive national pet-recovery service. This service goes beyond microchipping. Members pay an annual subscription fee to have telephone access to specialists in pet-recovery. Members also have 24/7 emergency medical assistance at 1-888-HomeAgain. This program also includes up to $3,000 (less a $50 deductible) in medical pet insurance for lost pets. There is even an up to $500 in reimbursable travel expenses for pets found more than 500 miles from home. To date HomeAgain has helped recover more than 500,000 lost pets.

You can help not only your own pet by registering with HomeAgain, but also shelter animals all over the country by making purchases through bringpetshome.com. A great thing to do during Be Kind to Animals Week®.