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Delicious Hot Schmoes

Photo-A-Day #3335

We had a nice family dinner outside for Memorial Day. It was rough coming off of the weekend but nice to have dinner outside finally. I think the little inchworms have finally stopped munching on our tree like crazy. That creates a disgusting back yard patio and we cleaned like crazy. I find that we sweep that back patio a lot.

I grilled up dinner on the charcoal grill so that we could roast marshmallows. I’m sure you can do it on the gas grill but they are never as good. We got all the fixins during a long trip to BJs. We did pretty well overall even though going there can be very stressful, especially after the weekend work thing.

Eva and I did spend a little time working on her LEGO movie. I pretty much filmed her as she mapped things out for a scene. I want her to check it out to see where we can cut things down.

The S’mores were great and I had fun shooting photos of myself and the kids eating them.