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Enter the HotWeiler

Photo-A-Day #4595

Next week I am headed to North Hollywood to kick around in an incredible new car from Kia. I’ll be posting a full on post about that in a couple days. But, for today I’m thinking about toy cards like this Hot Wheels Hotweiler. The truck is shaped like a dog and there are mechanisms built in to make the truck’s hood , that is shaped like a dog’s mouth and teeth, bounce up and down like it is barking. The windshield and cab are made to look like eyes and ears and then in the bed of the pickup there is a heavy chain that looks like it is attached to a collar. This is number 3/10 of the “Street Beasts” set from 2017. I know that there are at least two colors out, this maroon one and also a blue one. I’m now searching for that blue one. I hope that they make a black one, too.