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I have Arrived for #KiaStinger Event #StingerIsHere

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Photo-A-Day #4599

I arrived in California today. It was a long flight but everything worked out great. I watched a bunch of movies and shows on my iPad. I love that I can easily download shows from Netflix and the Stream app. I was able to catch up on a couple of shows on the DVR.

When I arrived in California I was picked up by George. He was a really good driver. I had an excellent conversation with him, that made a great start to this adventure. Then I arrived at the Garland Hotel and it was a beautiful place. I got my package from Kia including my nametag and list of movies and events and more. Every detail was seen to. Every detail. There was a hospitality suite where they had some tasty treats. There were also great tunes and fun things to do including a special coloring contest. I worked really hard on mine but in the end I messed up and decided to just cover it with rainbow pom poms. But it looked so much like the winner from the previous wave. Almost a complete knock-off.

Dinner was really fun. There were several stations with themes based on 70’s movies. There was a station for Chinatown, Jaws, Willy Wonka, The French Connection and The Godfather. There were many really good things to eat, too. They even had a live band playing.

The Garland has a screening room and they were playing episodes of The Brady Bunch. I watched the “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” episode. The Garland is right around the corner from the actual Brady house. They were also showing 70’s movies and I did try and make it through Close Encounters of the Third Kind but I was way too tired. I got about 3/4 of the way through but my eyes would not stay open. I had to get some shut-eye for tomorrow’s road testing of the Kia Stinger.