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I’m a Kia Forte Driver for Another Three Years

My new Forte

Almost 3 years ago now I drove my 2002 Honda Civic in to Courtesy Kia to lease a new car. What followed was a pretty trying ordeal. My salesperson was terrible and I did a whole heck of a lot of waiting around. I probably could have walked out but I liked the car so I stayed. For the past three years I drove that car and enjoyed almost everything about the car except for the the fact that in 2015 cars were still being made with manual key locks. The car I traded in had remote keyless entry and that one was 12 years old. The reason I didn’t even know that the car didn’t have remote keyless entry is that I never got the keys in my hand until the day I signed the papers. I was dumbstruck when I got the keys.

From there I called to complain about my service and the sales department in general. The general manager called me and we were going to install remote keyless entry and remote start. However, after that call we never heard back from him and that never happened. Continue reading I’m a Kia Forte Driver for Another Three Years

Driving the #KiaStinger in the Angeles National Forest #StingerIsHere

Kia Stinger West Coast Customs
Photo-A-Day #4600

Today was a really incredible day. Kia brought me out to California and put me up for two nights at the Garland Hotel so that I could learn about and then drive the new Kia Stinger. My travel expenses were provided. Opinions of this experience are 100% my own.

I have been waiting for my chance to drive the new Kia Stinger. I’ve actually been waiting for the chance to even see it up close. this is a beautiful car. I would not understand just how beautiful until I got out on the road. I would get my chance today. After a tasty breakfast, complete with an omelet bar, had a very informative session about the car and then we picked our car and headed out on our day’s adventure. I say our because I was paired up with Tessa Smith from Mama’s Geeky. We took turns driving our red Kia Stinger through the twists and turns of the Angeles National Forest.

We drove all around these roads and then headed to Six Flags Magic Mountain where there were food trucks and an Autocross set up. There were a bunch of Kia Stingers and also other cars that we could compare. I will be writing up my further impressions of the car in a future post. For now I have a video where I was driving on the Autocross.