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Head to King Richard’s Faire for the 31st Season

King Richard's Faire 2003
Our Last Trip to King Richard’s Faire was 2003, far too long ago.

It has been a few years since I last entered the realm of King Richard’s Faire out in Carver, MA. Allison and I have gone to the faire a few times in the past. I’m a big fan of the turkey legs and all of the shows that go on at the faire. The tiger show is awesome, there are some incredible animals that are part of the show. They even have a huge Liger.

This year we got tickets to go to the faire and this will be Eva’s first time to go. I know she’s going to love to dress up and attend. She loves her princess dresses. She saw a commercial and got very excited to attend. It must be because Daddy likes knights and swords and more plus she’s been on a BRAVE kick lately and thinks she saw some archery in the commercial. I can’t see any but maybe there will be a demo when we are there.

I have a special deal for my readers, too. If you are interested in going to King Richard’s Faire you can attend at Group Rate prices using my discount code. Read on to find out how. Continue reading Head to King Richard’s Faire for the 31st Season