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Escape to King Richard’s Faire! Family 4-Pack of Tickets Giveaway

My turkey leg

We are a couple weeks out from the season opening of King Richard’s Faire. As a family we have been hosted to visit Carvershire for the past 6 years. It is one of the most fun days of the year. The family loves seeing all the great acts and eating the fun food like huge turkey legs! It is an awesome day filled with fun and humor and really nice people. The kids have had some of the best experiences there. One of the most memorable moments was The Roaming Drummer who let Andrew play on his drum. Andrew was almost 2 years old at the time and he was having a fit because we confined him to the stroller. It was also a long day and he was tired. It is the people who are at the Faire who make it the best time ever. We cannot wait to go back.

And we want you to come with us!!!!

I have 3 Family 4-Packs of Tickets to give away this year for Opening Weekend September 2-4. We will be there on Labor Day this year. If you want to join us the just enter through the Rafflecopter App Below.

Then take a look at last year’s recap video from the day.

And one of ym favorite King Richard’s Faire Posts. 5 Must See Things at this Season’s King Richard’s Faire. Some acts are no longer there but Daniel – Duke of Danger still is and he has a great show. More about this year’s season below. Continue reading Escape to King Richard’s Faire! Family 4-Pack of Tickets Giveaway

A Carvershire Birthday at King Richard’s Faire

A Carvershire Birthday
Photo-A-Day #4199

Today was Eva’s 9th birthday and we celebrated by going to King Richard’s Faire. That was after I had taken Eva for our yearly birthday breakfast. This was the first time in three years where it went off without a hitch. No flat tires, no conflicting plans. Just a nice breakfast with Eva.

Then we went to King Richard’s Faire as a family. We were provided free tickets to the event in exchange for coverage of the event and a review. Opinions of the event are 100% our own, and it is something that we have done for the past 5 years as a family and we’ve made some nice friends at the Faire. Eva was greeted with a birthday song from the residents of Carvershire. We were also there with our good friends, The Walkers. We started off our adventure at the Princess school and the kids had a great time. Andrew built a block castle and played card tricks with a young man. Eva and Rose enjoyed their time with the princesses.

We then went and saw the Mis-Adventures Swashbuckling, Swords & Hilarity show, which was so much fun. The kids got to go up on stage and have some fun. We do like this show, it is very cute and funny. Some good humor for the parents and for the kids.

We checked out the Imaginarium Galleries after this because that is where we got the kids’ Drabbits last year. They love these adorable little puppets and wanted to see more of them. We were happy to see that they have a larger space this year and it is more permanent.

I took mostly video this year to make the daily vlog

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