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Dance Monkey Boy, Dance

Dance Monkey Boy, Dance
Photo-A-Day #1369

The title may refer to the photo but it doesn’t, it refers to me. I’ve been back in the office after a rather disjointed, lengthy and relaxing time at home. I have one time consuming project that I am working on right now, I am enjoying it but it takes time and concentration. It is a bit of graphic work that I really like to do. I will have to do a blog post about the technique I am using to create these images. The problem is that I have over 180 more to do and each takes about 10 minutes to get it right. That wouldn’t be so bad except that on top of that I have meetings to get up to speed in the new group and I have a large project that was assigned to me that is rather high profile. All of my time management and creative juices better be topped off to make this project a success.

I’m also not complaining, I’m feeling challenged and I’m excited, I just want to make sure I can balance everything and a good job. I do have some great online mentors though like Ted Murphy, Chris Brogan (By the way yesterday my online world and work world collided when I was referred to a site to see a Chris Brogan presentation on how to create an effective presentation, crazy) and Ed Gerety.

On the blogging front I have been trying to juggle family time with a decrease of blogging time but an increase in trying to maintain each blog. I am trying to update at least once a week on all the blogs. Three of them are updated daily. This one of course, Google is Not God because it gets all my utterli mobile posts automatically and 15 Minutes A Day because of my experiment in trying to learn Chinese. The two that are suffering are Read To Me, Dad and The Wired Kayaker. Those I have to make sure to post to each week, something to keep it interesting. Also I am verbose, I can’t just write something short and sweet. My own fault.

I'm Not A Famous Blogger Logo

IZEA Officially announced the line up of bloggers who will be IZEA Insiders, I am one of them and my crew is the “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” Crew. This is our official logo. So I’ll be hitting some social media events this year and hope to see you there.

Be here tomorrow morning for a giveaway contest that is going to be open to everyone, that means you Canada.