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Terminator: Allison from Palmdale

If you are concerned about spoilers then please watch the episode first. Spoilers below

This episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles dealt with Cameron and her past/future. The episode starts off with John and Cameron doing errands. John goes off on his own and tells Cameron that he will be back in half an hour. Cameron goes into a grocery store where the sights and sounds of store trigger memories. She has a computer glitch and ends up not knowing who she is anymore. We get a flashback of Cameron in the future she is human and she has been captured by the machines.

Finding out that Cameron was actually human or based on a human shouldn’t have been so much of a shock because it makes sense that as the Terminators get more sophisticated they would copy humans as closely as possible in order to infiltrate their ranks. Through a series of flashbacks we learn that Cameron was based on a human named Allison Young. She was specially chosen by John Connor and she was part of his resistance. What I don’t understand is how Cameron, a machine would have Allison’s memories. If somehow Allison’s memories could be transferred to Cameron’s body then why ask Allison questions at all? The flashback showed events that occurred where the machines were not present and so it stands to reason that somehow the machine that becomes Cameron somehow has Allison’s memory.

During the course of the episode we also see that agent Ellison had been married before and his ex-wife also works for the bureau. We also see agent Ellison take the job offer from Catherine Weaver. Apparently his job is to hunt down the machine that killed the FBI agents. Interesting. What is also interesting is that Catherine Weaver has a child, is the child a terminator? Time will tell.

Sarah’s role in this episode was to watch over Casey as she has some difficulty in her pregnancy. Casey’s “baby daddy” is a cop for the L.A.P.D. I’m sure that won’t cause any problems for the Connors in the future. Absent this week were Derek Reese and Charley Dixon.

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