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Look of an Imp

Photo-A-Day #3623

Andrew and I made a trip to Michael’s today. We went looking for materials for a Leprechaun trap for Eva. First Grade has to make a Leprechaun trap each year. I picked up a couple of things that I think would work well for the trap and I hope that she likes what I selected. I’m helping her with it. Each trap has to include a simple machine in it. We’re going to do a pulley system. Still working out the mechanics of how to do it but making some progress.

Andrew wanted to try on all the hats that they had for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Building a Better Leprechaun Trap

Photo-A-Day #3264

We’ve been very crafty around the house lately. I wrote a post for the Cooper & Kid site about the Crayola site for crafting. Today Eva and I created a Leprechaun trap/hotel. She had a bunch of ideas about what to make. We worked all afternoon on it and I think that she was pretty happy with the final results. Click below for a few more photos of our completed Leprechaun trap. Continue reading Building a Better Leprechaun Trap