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And The Day Just Got Worse From There

hello old friend
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01630

This morning Allison woke me at 7am to let me know that our neighbor Joannie was outside because her hot water heater was spewing water. I got up, got dressed and grabbed the wet vac. I went over and shut everything off for her and then started sucking up the water. The day did not improve.

Well, the bright shining spots of the day were Krav and Jr. Krav classes. Those are always a highlight and help us out with everything else going on.

After Krav I ran home quick to shower and then turned right around to go to Andy’s school. Allison and I had to meet with the principal and a counselor regarding Andy. Suffice to say, this was not a good meeting. We had already decided that Andy would not be returning to this school in the Fall. We’re enrolling them in public school instead. This year was a terrible year for Andy. The kids in Andy’s class singled Andy out to bully and tease relentlessly. We want Andy to be happy and that can not possibly happen at this school with those kids.

Jr. Krav was better, Andy and Eva received stripes on their stripe test. This means that Andy is moving up to purple belt and it also means lots of equipment for us to buy. For Eva this means she is closer to eligibility to test for her First Degree Black Belt. Having just gone through that myself, it is no small thing and we’re going to work on conditioning and more this Summer.

Prepping for Tomorrow

Figured that this would be the best cup to use
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01462

The best week to be down to one bathroom would be the one in which I was having my first colonoscopy. Today was about getting back into the swing of things and also prepping for tomorrow’s procedure. I started the day by going back to Krav class and then relaxing a bit. I’ve been reading (listening to) an audio book series that I really enjoy and wanted to finish up one of the books.

In the afternoon I picked Eva up from school and then began my colonoscopy prep. Luckily it was just a few pills before taking Andy to Jr. Krav class. Eva was off on an adventure with Auntie Tara. They went to the RISD Museum.

Andy's first Krav Class

Andy had a good first class. He quickly learned that Jr. Krav is going to be a lot more work than Karate Kids but I think the faster pace is going to be good for him. He seemed to enjoy his first class.

Colonscopy Prep Drink

I had to mix up a huge batch of drink to prepare for the procedure tomorrow. My sister, Tara, warned me that Andy thought that a drink like this last Summer was lemonade so I made sure to make everything very clear on the container.