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Laundry Day

Laundry Day
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00791

I do my laundry once a week, separate from the rest of the family. I started doing this several years ago so that I always knew where my clothes were. especially the socks. We have this basket of odds and ends socks and I just wanted to keep my own socks out of that mess. And if my socks aren’t in the pile then I don’t need to sort them. That is a ob for the kids.

Instead of starting a new row of t-shirts. I have three rows of shirts that are in rotation I decided to wear something that I have not worn in forever. It is a 2XL sleeveless sweatshirt that I got form Loot Crate. It is of the Scarlet Spider. I wore that over a long sleeve Loki shirt that I also got in a Loot Crate. Both are a bit too big for me now. The hood of the sweatshirt is enormous!

Loot Crates and Shirt Sizes

Loot Crate Shirts

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00372

From the very beginning of Loot Crate I was asked to be a reviewer. I was able to review all the crates up until I was told I would no longer be receiving them. Then I bought a few and then stopped. Suddenly they started arriving once again. For the most part the items arrive with the right t-shirt size for me. However, the last three came with just random sizes. I got medium, Large and small sometimes. With all these shirts that do not fit me the benefit goes to Eva who gets to keep them. The latest one that I got is a He-Man one with Castle Grayskull, the sword, the sorceress’ wings and battle cats helmet. It looks amazing! I wish it had come in my size.

Although, It is time for me to thin out my T-Shirt collection once again. I should not be complaining because it is free stuff sent to me. I just have no person to contact regarding these items or how to set my t-shirt size to the correct one. I have no clue why they started sending them back to me.