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Thus begins the Saga

Motorola DROIDI got a new cell phone. It is a Motorola Droid. So far it has been a pain in the neck and it isn’t even activated yet. Yesterday the phone was supposed to be delivered but apparently FedEx just delivers door tags on the first shot not actual boxes. So we had to wait to get them today.

My wife and I both got phones and I had a verizon wireless online account. Allison set up an account so she could use the backup assistant. Then she tried to install the program on her phone and couldn’t even get it. So I tried ot sign into my account and now my account no longer works.

I tried to call and activate the phone tonight after we came home from the movies and they would not update. I could not activate at all. I keep trying but am getting nowhere. And no one is available on the phone until Friday I guess.

So, Day 1 (actually 2) of my Droid ownership has been a frustration.


Photo-A-Day #1684

My friend Mike bought this Droid and I so want one. I’ve played with it a few times but am not convinced that this is the phone for me. I am on Verizon so that is a plus, however I don’t know if I really want to pay for a data plan and texting just so I can use all the features I want from this phone. Also I saw on Geek Brief.tv that this phone in the US does not have multitouch. The overseas versions do have this feature. I feel cheated already going into the deal.

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