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Chop Stick Skills

Photo-A-Day #3327

A couple of weeks ago I was being fun and eating jelly beans with chop sticks. My friend Tee saw the photo on Twitter and we had a conversation about having a Chop Stick Challenge at the PBS Annual Meeting. I ordered some cool chop sticks through Amazon.com. I had every intention to bring them with me and Tee was going to bring some jelly beans. Well, she brought the beans and I completely forgot the chop sticks. Tee gave me the jelly beans to bring home and I promised that I’d do a set of photos when I ate the jelly beans. I used my new NX Mini to take these photos.

Someone Loves his Daniel Tiger Trolley

Photo-A-Day #3325

I snapped this cute photo of Andrew posing with his Daniel Tiger Trolley that I got from the PBS Annual Meeting. Andrew was super excited to play with this toy. I asked him to hold it out in front of himself so I could take a photo but he does not stay still so I just keep snapping while he moved wildly. I just love the little impish expression on his face because he knows he is not doing what I asked and he’s also very happy to be playing with this toy.

I spent most of the day sleeping because of the late night/early morning return home from the PBS Annual Meeting. I did get to play with my newest camera from the Samsung Imagelogger program. I received an NXMini on Tuesday while I was away in California. I was very excited to finally use it.