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Tree Face

Photo-A-Day #3591

I met with my daughter’s school today about establishing a photography club. I met with the principal and the art teacher. I’ll be working with the art teacher once a week after school vacation. I’ll be teaching the kids the basics of photography and they will get to work hands on with some of the Samsung cameras that I have in my collection plus the two that I got specifically for the photo club. I traded two of my DSLR cameras for two Samsung NX30 cameras. So we have two SLR cameras with 18-55mm lenses. I’m also going to use the Learn and Master Photography program as supplemental materials and also do hands on sessions. I am very excited for this to start.

When I was leaving the school I saw this tree and it really looked like a face to me.

Somebody Should Photograph That

Photo-A-Day #3510

It is sort of a running joke in my office that when something needs to be captured digitally then I will do it. I generally have my backpack with me that has all of my Samsung Imagelogger cameras and so I always have a camera on hand with which to capture the moment. So this morning when the sun came up and looked amazing one of my co-workers remarked, “Someone with 3 cameras should take a picture of that.” I wish I had my head about me at 6:30am after 36 hours of work for the weekend to have said, “Well, it won’t be me, I have five.”

Yes, I am up to five cameras from Samsung as part of the Imagelogger program and soon (I’m hoping sooner than soon) I’ll have the brand new NX1 in my hands. That is a professional grade camera that can shoot 4K video. I’m excited to see what I can do with it.

I spent the day with Eva today. It was her first ever sick day from school. She had a pretty bad sore throat and was stuffed up and generally in lousy spirits. We played and I tried to get her to rest as much as possible. She helped me with a couple of upcoming toy reviews so that helped brighten her spirit. She even took some of the photos for one of the reviews. I was really impressed with her camera work. I wasn’t even with her when she did it. She composed the shots all herself.