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Two Toy Worlds Colliding

LEGO Optimus Prime
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01260

A few months ago I learned that LEGO was releasing a LEGO Optimus Prime set. I had some money from my birthday set aside and I ordered one for myself. It arrived last night and the delivery driver just put the box over the fence in the front yard despite me big sign that says all deliveries to the back porch. I didn’t realize it was out there until I looked at the delivery app saying that it was delivered. It rained and so the box was a bit damaged. Luckily I am not keeping it in the box. I’ll be building it soon.

This Collection is Just Prime

This Collection is Just Prime
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00861

While going through more boxes today and moving more of them I came across some of my most prized Transformers figures. My in the box sealed and mint Wheeljack, A couple of Optimus Primes and some G.I. JOE figures. I have two of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime and one is in the box and the other was loose. I took the loose one and added it to the box on my desk so now I have the Optimus Prime that can become Orion Pax, the R.E.D. version Optimus Prime and the Masterpiece one. I was thinking about grabbing my original Optimus, too but that might just make that spot too busy. You can see what else I discovered in the video below.