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The Office is Clean

My Marvel Collector Corps Pins and Smugglers Bounty Pins
Photo-A-Day #4052

After so many weeks of working on it bit by bit, the office is now clean and ready for my in-laws to come and stay with us. I also went through one of the desk drawers. I had been stashing things there over and over without really organizing it. I took some time to organize the drawer and was able to put together some of the patches and pins that I’d collected from Marvel Collector Corps and Smuggler’s Bounty. I’m not sure if I put the right pins with the right patches or in the right order in which I received them. I should probably figure that out and then find a way in which to display them.

Organizing Andrew’s Room – Phase 1

Organizing Andrews Room - Phase 1
Photo-A-Day #3951

Andrew’s room is by far, the least cluttered space in the whole house. But, organizing it will still take some time. I want to take out the changing table that we have had in our family since 1978. My dad built it when my sister was born or soon thereafter. It is an incredibly well made and solid piece of furniture. And by solid I mean that it has to weigh at least 200lbs. It is not something that I ever want to move myself again. So I’ve been waiting for my bonus so that I could call the local moving company to come and take it from the house out to the garage where I could do something with it there and so that Andrew could have some space in his room to play. Part of the reason that Andrew’s room is the least cluttered is that it is the smallest and is primarily filled with furniture.

Today we organized the toys, stuffed animals and the books. We have a few piles of books for the cousins and our next step si to empty the changing table and also organize Andrew’s clothes drawers. Then bag up the things he has outgrown to give to his younger cousin, Dylan. I would have tried to get that done today as well but Andrew wasn’t going to let me get too much accomplished. More in today’s Vlog.