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The Perplexus® Q-bot™ is a Micro Marvel

Qbot by Perplexus

We received a Perplexus® Q-bot™ in exchange for an honest review.

I have been a fan of the Perplexus® line of 3D maze puzzles for a long time now. I have many of them that I enjoy trying to conquer. Most of the Perplexus® toys that I have are large round mazes, but the Q-bot™ is a micro sized maze in a square enclosure. This is one in the line of Perplexus® Micro that was designed to attract new and existing fans.

The Perplexus® Q-bot™ is a funky looking robot that you twist and turn to move a small silver ball through the track. There are thirty-three challenges in the maze. This Perplexus® Q-bot™ is 3″ and has a lower price than other Perplexus® challenges. Despite it being smaller it is still full of challenges.

Rainbows, Saxons, Puzzles and Concentration Games

Double Rainbow
Photo-A-Day #4133

I got to work tonight and everyone was looking out the windows at a huge double rainbow. It hadn’t rained much around work but in the outlying areas there were people who got downpours. I tried to capture the whole thing but it was just too big and it didn’t look great through the windows.

I started watching The Last Kingdom today on Netflix. This is a show that was on BBC and is based on The Saxon Stories books by Bernard Cornwell. I have read some Bernard Cornwell books about King Arthur and so I was interested in this series. The show is pretty well done. First season is on Netflix now with 8 episodes and apparently the second season has Netflix co-producing. I like that. I watched the first two episodes so far and it is an enjoyable show. It makes me want to read the books, too.

I did not sleep very well. I kept waking up over and over. I’d have thought that I would have slept great with a quiet house but that was not the case. When I woke up I opened another box that I received this week and also a game that I have been meaning to review. You can catch that on today’s vlog.