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Buff, Buff, Buff!

Buff, Buff, Buff!
Photo-A-Day #1420

The other day our friend Mo of We’re in a Fight, told us that the woman behind Bare Escentuals was looking for pictures of people who use the product. Well, Allison uses the product. She uses the heck out of it. she has all sorts of containers and brushes and many things that are a complete mystery to me. She even has them all labeled.

Eva watches Allison apply her makeup and Allison gave Eva one of her worn out brushes. I didn’t even realize these things could wear out but they do. Eva takes the brush and brushes her cheeks and says “buff, buff, buff”. This is part of that secret application process that I am perfectly fine being clueless about. We’ve tried to get Eva to do the “buff, buff, buff” thing on camera but she’s a difficult one to catch when you want her to do something specific. Believe em she does a bunch of cute stuff but if you aren’t right there at that exact moment with the camera you aren’t getting a repeat performance.

Case in point, tonight Eva said her name for the 1st time. She said it clear as day and said it many times. I rushed into the bedroom where Allison and Eva were talking and fumbled with Allison’s camera to make it do video. I did catch her saying it but what was funny was that each time Allison said, “Say your name” Eva would say “Name” Then she would say “Nate” and then pick some other word. Eventually she got back around to “Eva” and it was so cute! She really stresses the “E” and totally drags out the whole name to make it sound like a name much longer than 3 letters.

Back to the photos. Allison was trying to take some photos of Eva with her camera and the Xshot for this task but Eva was being squirmy. The Xshot is a great product but sometimes a wiggly kid makes things difficult. So, I grabbed my camera. It still had the telephoto lens on it which actually worked in this base because it didn’t distract Eva. However, and here is a Photography Tip: Check your settings before you start firing. I’ve been trying to get off auto lately and so I had my camera set on manual. The lighting was great but the speed was too slow so my 1st 10 photos were totally blurry. Those were the best ones overall too. Eva was still enjoying playing and wasn’t being fussy. Once I realized my mistake I just flipped quickly to auto to fire off some more shots. This was the one I ended up with, best of the bunch.

Ugh and I cropped my image at 1/4 usual size. Great. I’ll fix tomorrow with larger photo.