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Preparing for the Trunk or Treat

A Pirate Life
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01392

On Friday we are putting together a trunk for Trunk or Treat at America’s Best Defense. This is an annual event that I enjoy very much. I love that ABD does this for the students. They also run a haunted dojo and the kids love it. Eva and I are putting together a pirate themed trunk and we’ve gotten our costumes together and also some decorations. One of the fun things I found was an inflatable treasure chest that when inflated it can hold 48 cans. This would be perfect for holding candy. I also got a jolly roger pirate flag and Eva claimed it as her own when we are done using it.

PEG + CAT have some Serious Pirate Problems in “Pirates Ahoy!…”, a New DVD

PEG + CAT Pirates Ahoy

Pirates and PEG + CAT, a perfect combination. We’ve been fans of this cute little show since it started. We love the first book the Chicken Problem where kids learn to count to 100. We do try to keep a fairly clean DVR and figure that most of the shows for the kids we can get from On Demand, but having a decent DVD compilation of episodes comes in handy when we go on trips or for those times when we aren’t able to find the shows the kids want. And you know how kids get obsessed with things for a short time and that is all they want to watch, a DVD of episodes is great for those moments.

This new DVD is cute and has more than just the seven episodes. There are also activities that you can print out including recipes and more. Each activity reinforcing some of the math based lessons. Take a look at what is on the DVD. Continue reading PEG + CAT have some Serious Pirate Problems in “Pirates Ahoy!…”, a New DVD