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Mo, mistress of the Pop Candy Comments..

My friend Maureen, or Mo rather of We’re In a Fight is semi famous, to us and to her, because within the past month or so she has had her comments featured in the top 10 notable comments about LOST on the Pop Candy Blog. Mo is a mistress of observation as well as pop culture references. She has that part of the brain that only most men have regarding retention of useless bits of pop culture information pertaining to movies and such.

Anyway, Mo picked up a mention with her comment about this past week’s LOST episode. Mo is a huge fan of good old Napoleon Dynamite and she quickly spotted Uncle Rico as Ben’s alcoholic bitter father. She then commented on Pop Candy and was one of the top commentors. Her comment is #10.

If you aren’t reading the Pop Candy blog you are missing out on the best pop culture information on the web. Read it, candy is good for you.