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Marriott Screwed Maureen


I am pissed off at the Marriott Renaissance Orlando. Their Error caused Maureen Tarpey $400+ in fees, a month of fighting to receive a piddly amount of money back and countless hours of worry and stress. They refused to refund that for her and her credit card company is not any better. Maureen did our family a selfless kindhearted favor. She took 3 days out of work to care for Eva while we were at IZEAFest. Now she is out $400.00. It is sick how credit card companies can hit you with insane fees on a mistake made by a major corporation and that once the error is fixed they still keep the money they charged in fees that never should have been charged in the first place. Oh but she did get a $100 gift card to stay in a Marriott hotel. How’s that for an added kick in the junk? Pathetic.

I am donating the money from a $100 review that I am doing through SocialSpark and I am offering the chance for 6 people to get blog reviews for the low price of $50 each to raise the $400 that Maureen was screwed out of. Only 6 spots open. Send me a message if you are interested. I’m getting her this money back.

I’ve also set up a Chip in Widget to help raise money for Maureen to cover these fees. It wasn’t fair and I am hoping that the good karma that Maureen put out by helping us comes back to her in the form of help with her fees. If you can donate anything then great. Every donation gets a tweet mention. Just leave a comment with your twitter name. Thanks.