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Movie: Reign Over Me

Last night Allison and I went with Autumn and Kenny to see the movie Reign Over Me. Allison had seen the commercial for this movie a while back and she said that she wanted to see it. We missed it in the theaters but were able to see it at the Route One Cinema Pub as it played in second run.

The movie was very good. I think that Don Cheadle can be very funny, I did not know that about him as an actor, Adam Sandler can be a serious actor.

I knew that Adam Sandler can be a good serious actor and I liked that very much about this movie. Even though this movie made us laugh at times it also made us cry at others. Reign Over Me was so well done and should have done better in the movie theaters but is so worth renting.

The movie deals with Cheadle’s character (Alan) who ends up running into his old college roommate Adam Sandler (Charlie). Alan has not seen Charlie for years and after seeing Charlie on the street he attempts to connect with Charlie.

From there we see both characters grow and discover things about each other and themselves. I bond of friendship is made and severed and made again. I don’t want to reveal too much about the movie but it is wonderful and Sandler gives a tremendous performance as Charlie.

The only thing I found unbelievable about the whole movie was the empty streets in New York, just not possible.