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Can One Have Enough RC’s?

Photo-A-Day #3333

I have been very fortunate in my life as a toy reviewer to get to play with a ton of toys. At present date I have 13 remote control vehicles ranging from the World’s Smallest Helicopter to a machine that fires giant foam darts. Most of my Remote control Vehicles are at work with me. There are two reasons for this. I don’t have enough room at home and there isn’t a great space to fly the helicopters in my house. Helicopters need a lot of room to maneuver and there is a three story high atrium where I can fly without fear of crashing into anything. I can simply fly. Then there is a room that has not been fully completed so there is a large flat area for the remote control cars to race. So I bring them to work and where there is downtime I race or fly with a couple of folks.