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Route 66 On the Road Adventure #DrivingMatters

Glass Bottles and Cowboys
Photo-A-Day #3992

I have been on an adventure in Joshua Tree National Park as part of trip sponsored in part by Mazda. You can follow along with my adventure with the hashtag of #DrivingMatters. We were also sponsored by Napoleon Grills and Hormel Foods with Support from DriveShop and Men Who Blog. You can see my other adventurers over at the Mazda #DrivingMatters Exploring The Desert page.

Despite waking up at an insane hour I was pretty awake during the ride today. I went back to sleep around 4am and woke up around 8am when people were awake and done with breakfast. They were ready to head out so it was lucky that I changed into clothes at 3am. I was able to jump right out of my sleeping bag to get going. I was paired up with Mike from The Gentleman Racer. We decided that we would go along the Route 66 track. I tried to capture all the places that we went through today’s vlog. and then after that through many photos of the locations we explored.

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We Were, Temporarily, Kia Sorento Drivers and it was Great!

Our Ride for Ten days in Florida

From April 17 – 27 we were on vacation in Florida. Prior to our trip I coordinated with Kia Motors America, Inc to obtain a Kia Sorento to use while on vacation. We planned on doing a ton of driving while on vacation and neither of my in-laws vehicles was going to work for our purposes. We have two small children and they have two small cars, it just did not add up. Luckily for us Kia came through with a Kia Sorento EX for us to use for the whole trip. From Touchdown to Takeoff the car performed like a champ. I posted a few times about it and even made a few videos of the experience as well as sent out many RoadTrip tagged tweets. Here are my overall impressions of the vehicle based on our time using it. Continue reading We Were, Temporarily, Kia Sorento Drivers and it was Great!