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Preparing to Battle

Photo-A-Day #3062

Tomorrow I am headed to New York City to battle with my friend Adam Cohen of Dada Rocks. We are battling together with Battroborg Battling Robots. I was sent a set of robots to check out before the event. I took them out and gave them a test run. My kids helped me get into fighting shape with these robots.

Eva was excited to play and even Andrew gave it a shot. It was great for him because he just flails the remotes around and his robot goes crazy! He was a good fighter except he kept picking up the robots. I am really looking foreward to tomorrow night’s event in NYC. Details are found at Dads Night Out: GAMETRUCK PARTY to “Settle the Score” With BATTROBORG. You can learn more about Battroborg at Facebook.com/Battroborg.

Review: Real Steel toys

I received two Real Steel toys from Jakks Pacific to review. These are toys from the movie Real Steel which I saw back this summer. I got advanced preview tickets and was really excited to see the movie. I left that movie pumped up and excited. It felt like watching the first Rocky movie to me. I loved the storyline even if it was done before in movies like Rocky, The Champ and Over The Top, Throw in a little Transformers and you’ve got the movie. That being said the movie was entertaining and the robots in the movie were pretty sweet to watch in action. Jakks Pacific brings that action to your kids with these movie replica robots that they can play with. Continue reading Review: Real Steel toys