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Picapp for images you can use on your blog

Not everyone is a great photographer or has a digital camera. I tend to think that every blogger has these things but then I realize that I am projecting my own life onto other bloggers. Sometimes you don’t have a camera with you or you don’t have photos that perfectly compliment your blog. Don’t worry about it because you can use completely legal royalty free photos on your blog using a service called picapp. I’ve been using picapp from time to time on a few of my blogs and even won a big contest that they sponsored last year for Blog World Expo. I now have the ability to use picapp in a smarter way. The Picapp plug in is totally integrated with Worpress (one you download and install it). This means that if you were looking for a photo of “Superbowl Parties” you could enter it into the search box and in seconds you can have either creative or editorial photos that you can embed into your blog. Like this one.

XXXIX Superbowl Pregame Show

If you mouse over the image you get the editorial story about that image. How about a creative one. Something more generic like “football”

Running with the ball

Embedding those photos took me no time at all. Try out the picapp plug in for yourself.

And Watch this video for more on how it works.