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Safari Ltd. Made a Dragon Just for Me

Safari Ltd. Made a Dragon Just for Me
Photo-A-Day #3955

With Toy Fair coming next week or so I am starting to feel like I’m going to be left out. I will really miss attending the show this year. I love toys and Toy Fair has a been so much fun the past three years. I’ve made some great contacts for toy reviews. One such contact is with Safari Ltd. I love their toys and today they sent me three new figures. A Sauropelta Dinosaur, a Princess Dragon and an all new Grumpy Dragon, the dragon I swear they made just for me. When I saw this guy I knew that I had to have him. He looks fantastic and will be great on my desk at work. Probably because I am the grumpy guy there. Apparently I am also the grumpy guy at home because when Eva saw it she said it was like me saying “don’t do this, don’t do that, no, no, no”. She’s right. The other dragon is cute and Eva loves it because it is like a princess. It has braids and painted nails. Despite that it is a cool looking dragon with great wings and a some shiny paint applications. The dinosaur is super detailed and interesting. I show you them all up close in in today’s vlog.

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Black Bear Encounter

Photo-A-Day #3661

I received a few new toys from Safari Ltd. I love the look of them and they are fun to take photos with. I took one of them, the black bear, out to photograph today. I found some rocks around work to place the bear. I wanted to capture the great detail of this toy. The kids love their Safari Ltd. toys and Eva has a great time photographing them while Andrew enjoys playing with them. I let Eva use my mini photo studio to go and take as many photos as she wants. It is good practice for her.