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Big Cat in a Little Box

Photo-A-Day #3338

Another trip to the zoo. Today Allison took Andrew over to the park for a Playdate. I was off running errands after the gym and that eventually took me to the zoo to renew our membership and to sign Eva up for Zoocademy. she loved it last year and wanted to go again so why not. It is a fun program for her to do right before school starts again. While I was taking care of those things Allison texted me to see where I was. I said the zoo and she asked if I wanted to go through the zoo with her and Andrew and their friends. So, I went and walked through the zoo again for the second time this week. Andrew had a lot of fun and even more so since I remembered to get quarters so we could feed the animals. He got a huge kick out of feeding the goats.

When we went to see the Servals there was one inside a box in their enclosure. It was sleeping or hiding and when we got closer it popped its head up to watch us. It was cute seeing it do basically what our cats would with a box that they could play in.