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Long-Billed Short Seabirds

Photo-A-Day #3319

I was leaving work today and I saw a small family of birds crossing the road. I pulled over to take some photos of them. They were so small and 3 out of the four birds were unable to jump up from ground to the island between coming in and going out of the office. So I alerted people as they were leaving so that they would slow down. Eventually the mother and three of the chicks went back the way they came and one small chick stayed by the curbing. Poor thing. There wasn’t anything I could do, I couldn’t pick it up, so hopefully it walked back across the street and back into the woods.

I have tried to find the identity of these birds but am not sure. There are Long-Billed Dowitchers, Short-Billed Dowtichers and Godwits. I can’t tell from online images which ones these guys are. I have a close up of one o the chicks as well. Below. Continue reading Long-Billed Short Seabirds