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Racked Out

Photo-A-Day #3584

I woke up today even more miserable than yesterday. I was knocked on my butt for most of the day having a hard time moving around and doing anything. I had Andrew with me and he is still not up to par. No swimming lessons for us today. I don’t mind missing play group but missing a swimming lesson stings. I love taking him and he is improving so much. I was going to try and get out to Target to get some medicine but looked outside at the tiny amount of flakes falling and decided to just sit put. I had to take another night out of work and hope to be well enough to return tomorrow. Getting as much sleep as possible tonight.

I didn’t get any extra sleep today, I tried but Andrew wasn’t cooperating. He certainly should have been tired, he had Allison and I up at 4am. I left him alone for a little while and he fell asleep on the couch, in my spot and I couldn’t risk waking him by moving him so no nap for me today.


Photo-A-Day #3583

I am sick and feel terrible. I’m not a big baby when it comes to being sick but the constant hacking and sniffing has made my throat, nose and eyes pretty raw. I want nothing more than to go back to bed all day long. Not happening, though. Allison and Eva went back to school today because North Attleboro could clear their sidewalks properly, a feat that Attleboro won’t be able to do for a while now, especially when they plow in charitable minded citizens who clear sidewalk paths for the neighborhood. I’m still annoyed at that one.

I did manage to get a little bit of sleep time today because Andrew is still under the weather and he went down for a nap after lunch. Which meant that I could sleep a little, too. And I did. Even if it was for an hour, I needed it.