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My friend John told me about SlickDeals.net about a month ago. He was talking about getting a 320GB Iomega External Hard Drive for $30.00. I heard that and immediacy kicked myself for getting a 160GB Maxtor External Hard drive the month before for $109.00. So I asked him where he was getting his hard drive and he told me about SlickDeals.net. I went to the site and bought my own 320GB external Hard Drive from Iomega. The rebate check came the other day and it jogged my memory about writing about this site.

I use the 320GB external hard drive to store all my downloaded podcasts on iTunes. It certainly freed up tons of space on my computer’s hard drive. the next thing I need to do is get all my photos on that Hard Drive as well. My photos are on the Maxtor right now and I think I may discard it in a contest some month. Or I may just give it to my parents.

Speaking of Contests. I just started my August contest called BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest. There is some work involved but it should be fun. I know that there will be much work on my part.