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After the Rain

Rainbow over Target
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00181

On my way to work tonight the skies opened up. It began pouring, just pouring. However, by the time I got to Target the skies had cleared and there was a really nice rainbow. I was walking in and this mother and daughter were walking out. They must have gotten stuck in the rain prior to going inside. The little one asked her mom if there might be a rainbow. I pointed over to them where it was and it made her smile.

Catching that True Smile

Photo-A-Day #3641

Eva was out all day so Allison and Andrew had a day together. It was a good day and when Andrew gets one on one time with either Allison or me after not having time together for a while he is adorable. He was extra adorable today. He was making scary faces and trying to scare me and Allison. There were lots of giggles. I asked him to make me scary faces so I could catch a true smile on his face.

I didn’t quite get a smile but I did get an authentic expression on his little face. Such a little imp.