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Morning the Day After A Snowstorm

Day after Snowstorm
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01865

We had a snowstorm yesterday and a good bit of snow fell, nothing like years past but enough to use the snowblower. I liked how the sky looked this morning as I went out to clear off the cars and start them before we made our trips to school. Andy and I only went out once yesterday and because of that we never cleared the snow off the cars. So, I ended up doing that when I went out to start them up. The snow as very frozen and I cleared off huge chunks of it form the cars in giant pieces. So, clearing the snow was fairly easy.

Andy’s Snow Boulder

snow boulder
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01518

It snowed today and the kids both had the day off. Th amount of snow that we received did not warrant a day off but they got one anyway. This is Andy’s snow boulder. Andy gathered up al of the snow in the front and back yard to make this. That is pretty much the extent of the snow that we got.

Yesterday I received word that my Tuesday morning Krav class was cancelled and so I went to class on Monday night instead. Luckily the classes in the afternoon today were not cancelled and the kids could go to their Jr. Krav class. The class was so small today that it was almost as if they got a private lesson from Sensei Brochu.

Kids in Krav Class

I think that this is helping Andy so much. All of the extra attention is really helpful.