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Calling Audrey

Calling Audrey
Photo-A-Day #1542

Eva posing with her new shirt from Mimi. She is also holding her toy phone. She takes that phone or even our phones and pretends to call various people. Most often she calls her friend Audrey. It is so cute to hear her say, “Hi Audrey, howya doing? Howya feeling?” It is a riot.

Today Allison and Eva were off visiting friends in NH. I was home and decided that it was time once again to thin out the closet. Whenever I do this I take everything I own out of the closet and put it onto the bed. I weed out the hang up stuff first, shirts and pants and other items. I have a Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Jersey for some reason. I think I liked the design of the shirt but I’m not a hockey fan so I’ve worn it very infrequently. I think I was going to wear it while playing roller hockey, so that shirt has been with me since college and it is all but brand new. That is about the weirdest thing I have in the closet everything else is pretty ordinary. I decided that I was going to make more room so I used space saver bags on all the long sleeve shirts and sweaters till next season. I also used the space saver bags to put a bunch of handmade wolf pillows that my sister Tara made for me, into storage till I have someplace to put them. And I used the bags on the bedding for the futon in the guest bedroom/office/art room/play room and future room for Eva and any possible siblings (nothing to announce). So things got put away and cleaned up.

I have nothing but praise for the space saver bags. I used my Dyson Animal to suck out all the air. I have the filter removed for the time being because I cleaned it yesterday and it still needs some more dry time. Without the filter you couldn’t even believe the suction! I was able to reduce items down to nothing after a couple minutes. These bags are great! I do have to say that my Dyson Root 6 is a disappointment. Oh, it does a fantastic job cleaning up messes but with only 6 minutes of actual usage time compared to a 3 hour charge this makes very little sense. I guess it is for the spot cleaning but I always see that the spot is much larger than it first appears.

While Allison and Eva were gone I also played a little more of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Video Game for the Wii. After seeing the movie, reading the comics and playing the video game I can say that the video game has the better story. The comic tells the movie story better than the movie (and less crass) and the movie is great for watching huge robots kick the tin out of each other. I have yet to read the novel of the movie and will eventually because that usually fills in many of the storytelling gaps in the movie. For instance in the first movie we never learn of the fate of Barricade in the movie. He’s (Barricade) chasing everyone along the highway then Prime tussles with Bonecrusher and kills him (Bonecrusher). We never see Barricade again and that is because Prime killed him too. While Barricade does not show up again in Transformers 2, Bonecrusher does for some inexplicable reason. The only thing I can think is that Bay had the robot created in CGI already so he figured he’d use him again and no one would notice. I noticed. I noticed plotholes you could walk Devastator through, sheesh.