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MagNext Virtual

I love playing games online. I play a bunch of them on Facebook as well as other places. I got the opportunity to test out a great game site for kids, but to tell you the truth I enjoyed all the games too. The game site is called MagNext from MEGA Brandsâ„¢. These are the same people that make incredible toys like iCoaster, Spheron and of course the MagNext system. What they have done was take these great toys and made a fun online MMORPG. Each of those toys is now an online game that your kids can play for free.

Here is the user area and you can move around, interact with other players and play many different games as well as buy upgrades for your magnetic marble.

I played the game for a while and really enjoyed playing the online version of Spheron. I liked that game the most because it was really fun to move my car up and down and keep it flying along. The longer the car was driving along the more Magz I would earn. Magz are cool because with them you can buy paint jobs for your magnetic marble. You can also buy gear as well as actions. It is pretty fun because the paint jobs and gear make your marble look unique. The actions make your marble stand out when you are wandering around the world. This is where you can interact with other players through IM and emoticons. What is nice also is that the messages that can be sent are pre-written and they are friendly.

Speaking of friends, as a player you can invite your friends to play as well. The more friends that you invite and who accept your invitation the more experience points you get as well as more Magz. I played for a while but didn’t get enough experience points to go to the next level. I earned a ton of experience points playing the Spheron game, my favorite of all the games. I did play the iCoaster game and challenge game in the arena and they were fun but I am a car guy so Spheron was the most fun for me.

As a father who wants to keep my children safe online I think that this site has done it right. For one thing messages are already pre-written so kids can’t share sensitive information. That is important to me because you never know who is online. Also the MagNext games are non-violent and challenge kids imagination and cognitive skills rather than make them veg out and turn off their brains. This site gets a thumbs up from me as a parent.