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Sad Monkey

Photo-A-Day #2469

Today we went to lunch with my Aunt Candy. Allison and Eva usually go for lunch with Aunt Candy. This time I came along as well. Eva and I met Allison, Andrew and Aunt Candy at TGIFridays. We had a nice meal and then Eva and I went off looking for Skylanders. They are sold out EVERYWHERE! I know we already have a bunch of them but I’m excited about playing some of the other ones. Each figure has special moves. The game was done so well. Continue reading Sad Monkey


Last night Allison and I had dinner with Marybeth at Fridays. It was good to see Marybeth. I haven’t seen her in a while, but Allison is part of the her book club so she sees her more often.

Not much else to report. This weekend we are going to the Joelympics. I’d have to have Allison explain that one.