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World’s Greatest Bowler

Photo-A-Day #3241

We took the kids bowling today with my Aunt and her daughter. Eva and her cousin get along so well together. Andrew adores my Aunt.

We had a fun morning around the house as the kids played with their new motorized doggy, one of The Happys. This is a little puppy that runs around, chases a ball and does various other tricks. The toy is from Cepia and the kids really enjoy it. there was lots of giggling going on. I can only imagine the pandemonium with more than one of these toys and then you have special treats for them that cause the toy to do a trick whether it is to wiggle, spin, beg or pounce there are many things this toy will do.

We had to tear the kids away from that toy to get them ready for some bowling. Eva and I also did a little more Lego building for her LEGO Movie. It is funny that the one toy company that didn’t let me visit their booth at Toy Fair was the toy that I’ve spent the most time playing with since my return home.

Bowling was fun, it is school vacation week so it was busy but not overly so. Eva and her cousin did well. I helped Andrew bowl and he had fun pushing the ball. It wasn’t until near the end that Allison found one of the rolling frames to help the kids. We all used the bumpers because, why not. Andrew bowled with me on his turn and my turn. This kid needs constant stimulation. He made a break for it over and over and over. I’m not an advocate of those child leash backpacks but he is slowly changing my mind.

Here is what he thinks of the idea.

Andrew bowling with Allison