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Snowbound in Detroit

Photo-A-Day #2105

Today was an extra day in Detroit. I was stranded for the day because of some major weather in New England. So I was booked on a flight for 9:45pm tonight. Thankfully, Lisa Gilpin and her team authorized me to stay anohter full night so that I would have a room to stay in and work in for the day. And I did a lot of work. this morning I banged out posts from the past four days and set up videos from all the press events that I attended in the past four days as well. It was great to be able to stay in the room and just work without the distractions of anything. I had no internet other than my phone so I wasn’t constantly distracted. I was still engaged but at intervals. It was good. I made the best out of my time.

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Atrocious Customer Service from Renaissance Orlando

Photo-A-Day #1671

So I got creative with the angles in my shot today, sure my closet is a little boring but if you look at the full size one you get a little insight into me. Today’s post isn’t about the photo. Here’s a story of ineptitude that is unprecedented in all my years of travel.

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