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Scrub a Dub Dub

Photo-A-Day #2673

With Eva down the Cape with my parents it was down to Andrew in the house. Allison and I got to spend a little time with him on his own including bath time. Right now Eva and Andrew often have a “Double Tubby” when Allison isn’t too worn out. I have yet to take on the “Double Tubby” myself but I’m sure I’ll do one at some point. But tonight we got to give Andrew a tubby and I got some funny tubby photos including this one.

Review: Mattel Disney Princess Ariel And Her Sisters Doll Set

One of Eva’s favorite Disney movies is the Little Mermaid. There were actually a couple of Little Mermaid movies made and some feature Ariel’s sisters a little more prominently than The Little Mermaid did. Ariel actually has 4 sisters and she sings with them in The Little Mermaid movie. Now she can swim with them in your bathtub. Well, two of them at least, Alana and Arista. Where are the rest of the sisters? Why wasn’t there a set of all six sisters plus Ariel together made? I have no idea but being the completist that I am I would like to have seen this be a set of seven characters instead of three. But I’m not complaining because at least there are some other mermaids to play with besides Ariel and that is what we are talking about here, play. Continue reading Review: Mattel Disney Princess Ariel And Her Sisters Doll Set