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Andy’s LEGO Voltron

LEGO Voltron
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01796

Andy has been rewatching Voltron Legendary Defender and is playing more and more with their LEGO bricks. Today Andy decided to make a Voltron out of LEGO bricks. I think that they did a really nice job of it, too. This was a quickly put together thing but still looks cool.

Over the weekend we cleaned up some of the toys int he living room. We actually removed all of them some we packed away like the Ninja Turtles and Hot Wheels but others we sent off to Savers. We had four Voltron toys and Andy packed them up to give to their friend Dasia. Of course I wasn’t thinking and the toys were two play swords and two play masks. Dasia’s mom had to come and pick up the gift because they were toy weapons. Completely harmless and clearly fantasy toys but still weapons. I’ll have to apologize to her when I see her next.

LEGO Lunchtime Setup

LEGO Lunch setup

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00455

For the past week I’ve been building LEGO sets at Lunchtime. I’ve been livestreaming the builds to share on my YouTube and Facebook pages. I spent last week building the LEGO Voltron set and just finished it today. Bot Voltron proudly stands next to my TV and s almost nearly as tall as the TV. This is a massive set and it took days to build. I took one day for each lion except for the black lion, that got spread over two days. With all the lions assembled it was time to build the full Voltron figure.

While I was building the Voltron figure today I remembered that I had been given a Voltron basketball. This was perfect because Eva has her own ball but Andy did not. so I pumped up the ball and gave it to Andy. He was thrilled to have his own ball for the basketball hoop. It appears to be a slightly smaller ball than Eva’s. That is good too because Andy is smaller and he’ll work up to the larger ball.