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Sunset Through the Trees

Sunset Through the Trees
Photo-A-Day #1441

Tonight I went to a meeting for the Ten Mile River Watershed Council. Check out the website. See it, well, I am going to be taking care of getting this great group a better face for the web.

I’ve done a few great paddles with TMRWC and they have been awesome. Keith, the head of the TMRWC, is so full of information and knowledge of the history of the Ten Mile River and surrounding cities and towns. I want to help him share that knowledge and passion for paddling and history on the TMRWC website.

I was AV boy at the meeting tonight. Keith had slides to present and I ran the slideshow. I also recorded his speech and I’ll see about matching it up with his slides because the light was terrible.

Speaking of light, the sun and sky was amazing. The Church where we had the meeting was next to a cemetery and it looked really awesome through the windows. Those pictures didn’t come out that good but I ran outside a little too late to get to the cemetery. I did see how the light looked through the trees and loved it. So I tried to frame it up between a straight edge on the left and the branches on the right. So, what do you think?