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Wicked Cool Toys is Named Master Licensee for Pokémon

Here is some wicked cool news! I just learned that Wicked Cool Toys, a company that I’ve worked with numerous times in the past, has been named the Master Toy Licensee for Pokémon. That is wicked cool! I’m so happy for my friends who represent Wicked Cool Toys and who have provided me with so many fun toys over the years. I may be posting my reviews of some upcoming Pokémon toys in the near future! Here is the press release. Continue reading Wicked Cool Toys is Named Master Licensee for Pokémon

A Wicked Cool Surprise from Wicked Cool Toys

Loaded G-Dog
Photo-A-Day #4262

I went in to Boston today to see the movie Rogue One (review coming tomorrow). While I was there I went over to Griddler’s and had a great hot dog. The Loaded G-Dog. It was a pretty decent place. I’ll have to remember it the next time I head to Boston for a movie screening.

While the ride in was breezy and easy, the ride home was a terrible slog. It took forever to get home. So much traffic. I missed La Salette with the family but caught everyone for dinner at Bliss.

When I came home today after the movie I came home to a box of great stuff from Wicked Cool Toys. I have been working with this team for a couple years now and they supply us with some fun toys for reviews. The box that was sent to us contained toys from Wild Kratts and three Cat Paws. You cna see what was in the box in the video below.