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I Have Collections, Many Collections.


I collect stuff. I always have. When something comes out that is collectible I feel an insatiable need to get everything in a whole collection. I know that it is nearly impossible to keep up with something that gets very popular. Take for instance the Die Cast cars from the movie Cars. When they came out originally I tried to buy all of them. I thought, naively, that only the main stars of the movie would be made into die cast figures. So I figured that this would be relatively inexpensive for me. WRONG! Continue reading I Have Collections, Many Collections.

Free Comic Book Day Haul

Free Comic Book Day Haul
Photo-A-Day #1487

Andrew, a fellow comic book geek, wanted to know what my haul was like on Free Comic Book Day. I ended up with 10 books. I’m not sure how it is at your comic book store but mine limits you to 5 books per person. I actually think that is a good thing so that there are plenty of free comic books for everyone who wants them. I got 10 because I went to my local store as well as to a Newbury Comcs.

So the books I ended up getting included a Keenspot Spotlight (from 2004? I didn’t notice till I got home), Transformers, G.I.Joe, The Avengers, The New Mutants Saga, Cyber Force, Hunter Killer, Cars, Wolverine Saga ,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Savage Dragon and Ronin Hood of the Samurai. I also decided that I’d pick up the 1st compilation of Y The Last Man. You might recognize the creator of that book, it is Brian K. Vaughan who is now working on LOST. I hope that Y is a decent read. Has anyone read it?

BTW the T-Shirt is from IZEA by way of fellow IZEA Insider Heather in Beautiful British Columbia.