Take Your Action Figure to Work Day #AFWD2016

Junkheap was going to go with me to work today
Photo-A-Day #3980

Today is Take Your Action Figure to Work Day. Follow the hashtag of #AFWD2016 to see all the action figures that people have at work. I did bring another character to work today, ANT-MAN. If you can find him in my video of my desk, good luck to you. I was going to bring the transformers from the title image of the video but I didn’t. I’ve come to realize that I don’t have a decent Iron Man figure for my desk. But things have been set in motion for this to happen in the future. Fun things coming. Take a look at the video below to see how I celebrate this day.

I wanted to link out to my friend Andrew Kardon over at Mommy’s Busy. He has a fun post about Take Your Action Figure to Work Day. Another friend of mine, James Zahn of The Rock Father Magazine also has a great Take Your Action Figure to Work Day post.

So much is coming, contests, reviews, #StreamTeam post and more. I’m loving all this and more is coming. So I hope that you stick around.

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  1. Nice website that you have here. Full of interesting articles. I never heard about take your action figure to work day, but it sound very interesting. I’ve watch Antman and boy did I love it. Good graphics and a nice story with lots of comedy.

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