Tastes Like Chicken…

My mouth waters every time I head to the grocery store and go by the rotisserie chickens. Allison and I probably pick one of these up every week. It makes one meal and plenty of left overs for chicken salad and chicken to put on top of a garden salad. I wonder where the supermarket gets those electric and gas rotisseries for commercial needs. I’d love to have one of my own and make rotisserie chicken all the time but I know that is a little much for one small family. So I will leave the rotisserie chicken cooking to the experts or at least to the folks who have the need for giant rotisseries.

But looking closer at the RotisolUSA site, I see that they have a residential line of rotisseries. The Elegance is the name of the residential rotisserie and it can handle up to six chickens. With capacity for that many we could host rotisserie chicken night on a weekly basis. We could feed a small army with one of those. I will have to see if it is in the budget for the kitchen remodel.

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6 thoughts on “Tastes Like Chicken…”

  1. Thats a nice PPP review. I dint know how PPP worked and got my first review rejected. I’m glad i visited your blog. Lots of things happening here. Stay in touch.

  2. Thanks, and do not give up. Keep working at it and you will succeed with PPP. They are great to work with.

  3. Thanks Palm Coast. Like I said at my other blogs, the review should be well thought out and fit the tone and theme of your blog.

  4. Why thank you very much. There is a chicken recipe that I love called all day sticky finger chicken, you cook it for 8 hours at 250 degrees and it falls off the bone and is hot and spicy.

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